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Southwestern Ontario Meeting Group

Agenda for SWOMG


Date:     Thur. June 20th, 2013                      Location:  Wayside Inn, 10680 Sunset Rd. Talbotville.

Cost:     Members:  $15.                              Please:    Confirm Attendance to by June 17th.                                         Non Members  $20.                            To:    londonpro@bell.net 


8:45 – 9:00                                                                                                                     Responsible Person

            Registration Sign-in / Coffee & 50/50 draw ticket sales 


9:00 – 10:00

           Round table discussion.  If anyone has a topic or pictures to share & discuss

           please forward them to the chair and or bring pictures to the meeting on a

           data stick or CD.


10:00- 10:15



10:15 – 12:00

Bruce Kelly: When it comes to Bruce’s resume I don’t know where to start!  He’s a

Tyvek Specialist and does extensive training for architects and building officials. He’s

also served on Ontario’s Advisory Council  for best Practice’s regarding Full Height

Basement Insulation!



            Lunch and open discussion

12:45- 2: 15><

Kim Smith:  E&O Insurer:

We all know Kim and she’s got a new presentation regarding Risk Management

For Home Inspectors and will discuss such topic’s as claims and complaints,

What’s the obligation as the policy holder, once reported what are the Next Steps,

Deductible & how it works.  10 Best Practices for Home Inspectors and

what are the most common complaints & claims.





Business Meeting:


Old Business:

  • Minutes of last meeting                                                                            Sec. / Chair
  • Business arising from the old minutes
    • New Treasurer

New Business:

  • Treasures Report                                                                                                           
  • Next Meeting
  • Other
  • Adjournment / Members sign-out


                                                   8:45 to close 5 CEU’S  /  10:00 to close 4 CEU’s

Note: If you have additions for the agenda please contact the secretary

Dave Grainger / londonpro@bell.net  prior to the meeting date.



Wayside Inn: 10680 Sunset Rd. Talbotville. Across from Picard Peanuts.