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                                                           Committee List  2015

Admissions Review Committee / Board of Examiners

Mandate: To assess member's credentials, and to make recommendations to the membership on all matters of an educational nature including development of courses, seminars, programs, and related activities

                                                                             Chair -       David Hellyer : Boe@oahi.com

                                                                             Committee Members                     

        Terry Carson , Robin Green, Carl Inglis, Alrek Meipoom ,Murray Parish, Andrew Radomski, Steve Silverthorn


Discipline & Professional Practices

Mandate: To consider any member complaint from the public and to investigate and consider the conduct of any member. To inquire whether any member has committed any infringement of the bylaws or has otherwise been guilty of conduct unbecoming to a member.

                                                                              Chair -     David Cook: DPPC@oahi.com

                                                                              Committee Members

                        Francis Casa, Bill Dickie  ,Rob Parker ,Peter Weeks,Trevor Welby-Solomon ,Mike White



Education Program

Mandate: To organize educational programs for the association members via speakers, workshops and seminars.

                                                                             Chair -Andrew Dixon : EducationProgramCommittee@oahi.com

                                                                             Committee Members

                          James Buren, John Hanson , Frank Laan ,Jimmy Leung , Alrek Meipoom




Member Services


Mandate: To address concerns and questions of members regarding membership.

                                                                                    Murray Parish -President@oahi.com

                                                                                   Bob Brander- b.brander@oahi.com

                                                                                   Robert Simpson- robert.simpson231@gmail.com

                                                                                   Nicole Proietti- Reception@oahi.com

                                                                                   Peter Weeks- p.weeks@oahi.com

                                                                                   Rob Cornish- robc@homexam.ca

                                                                                   David Hellyer- david@hellyerengineering.com






                                                                                                    Public Relations


Mandate: To develop and implement goodwill with the public and outside organizations to further the objects of the Association.

                                                                                   Chair -  Don Daley : PublicRelations@oahi.com

                                                                                   Committee Members

                                                              Bob Brander , Leigh Gate ,William Handley,Gary Willcock  



Mandate: To conduct the annual election of the Board of Directors.

                                                                                 Chair -Steve Love : ElectionCommittee@oahi.com

                                                                                 Committee Members

                                                                                 Trevor Welby-Solomon




Mandate: To assist the Treasurer in regards to the finances of the Association, and assist in providing financial reports to the members.

                                                                                      Chair-  David Leech : Registrar@oahi.com

                                                                                      Committee Members

                                                                      Fatima Au , Gerald Horace , Art Janzen 



Mandate: To monitor the liability insurance carried by the Association membersand recommend changes when necessary.

Chair-Rob Cornish : VicePresident@oahi.com

 Committee Members

Doug Azar ,Alain Charron,Michael Levitan ,Robert Simpson ,




Technical Review

Mandate: To make recommendations to BOD on the technical issues that affect practices of members.

                                                                                           Chair -Bob Brander  : Technicalreviewcommittee@oahi.com

                                                                                            Committee Members

                                                                                                Murray Parish ,Robert Simpson


                                                                                         P&P Committee 

Mandate :To make recommendations to BOD and update the Policy and Procedures Manual

                                                                                           Chair -Peter Weeks RHI

                                                                                           Committee Members






Mandate: To periodically review  necessary revisions regarding the OAHI By-laws

                                                                                        Chair- Andrew Bennett  : Bylaw@oahi.com       

                                                                                        Committee Members     

                                                                Terry Carson ,Michael Levitan,Steve Zabarylo,Leigh Gate     




CAHPI-National Board Members

Mandate: To represent the OAHI and CAHPI-Ontario on the CAHPI-National Board of Directors regarding ‘National’ issues.

                                                           Rob Cornish , Murray Parish , Peter Weeks





Mandate: To represent the OAHI and CAHPI-Ontario on the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Council of Representatives.


                                                                              Rob Cornish