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The next OAHI - GORMG meeting (Greater Ottawa Regional Meeting Group) will be held on Thursday, October 8th, from 9AM - 11:30AM, at the College Square Loblaw’s Meeting Room (located at Woodroffe & Baseline, second floor).

Keynote Speaker: Paul Battle - The House Doc

Paul is a home inspector in Ottawa and has experience with mould identification and remediation, Radon, Asbestos and Electro-magnetic radiation and other technical topics of interest.


Guest Speaker: Kelley Bush - Health Canada


Kelley is the Head of the Radon Education and Awareness within the Radiation Protection Bureau for Health Canada. She will provide us with an update.







As always, feel free to invite guests but note that guests are limited to attending a maximum of two meetings without being a member of the OAHI.  Should they wish to attend more, they will be required to join the Association in one of the available membership categories.  All members and guests are required to sign-in before the meeting begins.  Members receive 2 CEU's (Continuing Education Units) for their attendance at our GORMG monthly meetings.

Location  the College Square Loblaws Meeting Room (located at Woodroffe & Baseline, second floor).

Do you have suggestions, ideas or desires for future education topics, road trips, and social events?  Please contact any of the committee members with your thoughts.