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Part 9 Building Envelope 2012 - Winter 2022 Delivery

Event runs from January 27, 2023 - February 11, 2023.

Part 9 Building Envelope 2012 (CLASS IS RUNNING) 

This is a course dealing with the construction of houses as single detached dwellings under Part 9 of Division B of the Code.

The course provides participants with an introduction to the objective-based format of the 2012 Code. The course deals with the essentials of difficulties confronting building inspectors, reading of plans, including site plans, processing applications for building permits, construction terminology and use of checklists, construction of foundations, floors on ground and reinforced concrete slabs, roofs and ceilings, floors and walls including brick veneer. 

Recommended Prerequisites: None

Reference Material -NOT Provided: 2012 Building Code Compendium Volumes 1 & 2, Calculator

Dates: January 28/29 and February 11/12, 2023

Start time:  8:00 am and end time ~6:00 pm

Location: OAHI Training Center 3901 Hwy 7, Suite 100, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8L5

What is provided:     Student workbook, Certificate upon successfully passing final exam.

Meals and Lodging:  There are no meals provided as part of this course.  There are several restaurants nearby.

Building Code Compendium: (Both Volumes 1 & 2 are Needed!) 

You have the option to purchase the binder format or paperback format which MUST be brought to class along with a calculator. The publisher is the Queen's Printer of Ontario. The Compendium can be purchased on-line through Service Ontario. Delivery is usually just a few days. The Compendium can also be purchased through Order line at 435 Horner Ave., Unit #2, Toronto (416-369-9005 or 1-888-361-0003 or IF you are purchasing through Orderline be sure to get the official two volume compendium. You will need both volumes for this course. Please have your code books assembled prior to coming to class. 

Also, bringing a highlighter pen and post-It notes would be beneficial.

Exam: There will be a 2.5-hour exam, in class, on the last day of the course. The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions. Each question is worth two marks - 1 mark for the correct answer and 1 mark for the correct code reference. The pass standard for all examinations is 70% in order to receive the Certificate. If you do not write the exam, you do not pass the course.

Those students scoring less than 40% will not be allowed to rewrite the exam for that course, without taking the course again. Those eligible to rewrite the exam must achieve at least 40% and have attended at least 75% of the course classes. You are allowed only 1 (one) rewrite exam and the rewrite exam must be written within 60 days of having completed the course. If a student fails the rewrite exam, they must take the course again and pass in order to be granted a certificate.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF OAHI IN ORDER TO TAKE THIS COURSE. However, you may want to inquire about “Student” membership status in order to pay the 'member rate' for courses and acquire all the other benefits of membership. A membership information package is available through the OAHI office. The order form is on the OAHI web site.

Please Note: The weekend Part 9 courses are long days and very intense. If you do not have a strong technical background in the housing sciences nor had previous exposure to the building code, it is not recommended that you take the Part 9 courses on weekends; there are less intense deliveries available through the OBOA or the community colleges.

FOR ALL REGISTRANTS: For all persons who register for these courses, class selection is conducted on a "first come, first serve" basis. There is a maximum of 15 students per class. If the class you chose is full, your registration will not be processed. 

Unless you have received notification from the OAHI office that you are registered for a course, please do not show up on the first day of class expecting to attend. All “walk-ins” will be declined entry with no exceptions. 


Cancellation made by a Registrant at least 5 days prior to the course delivery date may only be transferred one time to the same course at no extra cost, or receive a refund of course fees less an $84.75 ($75.00 + $9.75 HST) administration fee.
Cancellation made by a Registrant between 2 to 5 days prior to the course delivery date will be subject to a penalty of 50% of the cost of the course.
Cancellation made by a Registrant within 48 hours of the course delivery date will not be refunded
Confirmation of your registration and class placement will be sent to you by email once sufficient enrollment has been achieved to run the course. Please acknowledge receipt of the confirmation by return email. All classes are subject to cancellation with full refund 5 days before the scheduled start time in the event of insufficient enrollment. 

The course fees cover tuition, $135 Student Manual and Certificate of Completion. The OBC Compendium is not included but may be purchased from the Queens Printer (lowest cost and fastest delivery) or Orderline.  If you purchase through Orderline be sure to purchase the official two volumns building code compendium. Please have your code books assembled prior to coming to class and bring both volumns. 

Non-Member fee-$595.00 plus HST

Member fee-$495.00 plus HST

Any accommodations or meals are to be arranged on your own.