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Part 9 Health & Safety 2012- Winter/Spring 2020

Event runs from March 21, 2020 - April 5, 2020.

Part 9: The House - Health & Safety - 2012

This is a four day (March 23/24 and April 6/7 (37 hour) basic Part 9 course on the plan examination and inspection of health & safety related aspects of the house. It includes the following topics:
An Introduction to the OBC; The House - General; Fire Safety & Protection; Chimneys; Fireplaces; Inserts & Solid-fuel-burning Appliances; Stairs; Guards; Insulation; Health & Comfort Requirements; Party Walls; Final Interior Inspection; Final Exterior Inspection; 
Recommended Prerequisites:        None

Reference Material:                         2012  Building Code Compendium with latest updates (2 Volumes not included in course fee) , Calculator

                                                             Student manual is included in course fee. 

Date: March 21/22 & April 4/5, 2020 

Start time: 8:00 am and end time 6:00 pm


New OAHI Head Office

3901 Hwy. 7 Suite 100, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8L5 

 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF OAHI IN ORDER TO TAKE THIS COURSE. However, you may want to inquire about “Student” membership status in order to pay the 'member rate' for courses, and acquire all the other benefits of membership. A membership information package is available through the OAHI office. The order form is on the OAHI web site.

Please Note: The weekend Part 9 courses are long days and very intense. If you do not have a strong technical background in the housing sciences or had previous exposure to the building code, it is not recommended that you take the Part 9 courses on weekends; there are less intense deliveries available through the OBOA or the community colleges. 


Courses may be cancelled by the OAHI as late as the Monday prior to start date due to insufficuent enrollment. Full refunds wil be given. Students cancelling within 5 days of course will receive 50% refund.  

The course fees cover tuition, $150 Student Manual and Certificate of Completion. The OBC Compendium is not included but may be purchased from the Queens Printer (lowest cost and fastest delivery) or Orderline.  If you purchase through  Orderline be sure to purchase the official two volume building code compendium. Please have your code books assembled prior to coming to class and bring both volumns. 

Non-Member fee-$495.00 plus HST

Member fee-$450.00 plus HST

Any accommodations or meals are to be arranged on your own.