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Heating System Problems

The transition from old systems (wood or coal burning stoves) to modern oil or gas fired central heating was often made by alterations to existing equipment. Sometimes these modifications were done properly more often they were not, and supplimental heat is frequently needed. In addition, heat ditribution pipes or ducts may have deteriorated with age and need replacement. Other problems include broken or malfunctioning operation controls, blocked chimneys, and unsafe exhaust disposal.

Ventilation Considerations

When older homes were built, energy conservation was not even a consideration. Special attention must be paid to conservation measures that may or may not have been installed. On the other hand an unknowledgable home owner, in an attempt to seal and insulate his house may have created more problems than he solved. A house can be made energy efficient but it must also breathe. "Over-sealing" will cause excessive interior moisture, allowing the growth of moulds, fungi and bacteria, creating an extremely unhealthy environment for both the home occupants and the house itself.