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President's Message

Published on June 29, 2022

The Market is Changing
Happy Canada Day!

  leigh_gate_rhi_oahi_pres_2021.pngThe housing market has been “hot” for many years, and out of balance for over a year now.

As professional home inspectors, this has meant a downturn in business and the need to become innovative in our approach. We have seen a rise in popularity for pre-list inspections, which I hope will continue.

OAHI’s involvement in the new Canadian Home Inspectors for Consumers (CHIC) group, along with other association and franchise group leaders, is working hard to promote the need for home inspections on your behalf. There will be more to come from CHIC that will benefit all of us.

One constant concern with the idea of pre-list inspections (or the mention of mandatory home inspections), is that we are not a regulated profession; consumers are rightly concerned about less-qualified home inspectors that may not have proper insurance coverage or proper standards.

The answer is simple: In the absence of provincial regulation, consumers need to turn to OAHI member home inspectors to ensure they are hiring a qualified, trained home inspector for their services.

Our new website is close to launching some modules, including an enhanced “Find an Inspector” directory. We are developing messaging for the public, promoting the qualifications of OAHI members, and pushing people to the directory to find a home inspector in the area they need.

It is OAHI membership renewal season! I have renewed my membership, and I ask that you do so as well if you have not already.

OAHI is working hard to advocate for our members, provide business service discounts and make ongoing training more accessible to you.

Your OAHI membership fee remains lower than the cost of one home inspection per year, and once again has not increased.

Thank you for your continued membership with OAHI, and please be sure to renew this week – we need your help to continue to improve our profession.

Leigh Gate, RHI #577
Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI).