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Update: Home Inspection Act, 2017

Published on April 5, 2017

Update: Home Inspection Act, 2017

A deferred vote on Bill 59 is scheduled for Monday April 10. Royal Assent follows Third Reading, but not necessarily on the same day.

Your OAHI leadership has been monitoring the progress of Bill 59: the Putting Consumers First Act, which includes Schedule 1, The Home Inspection Act, 2017.

Over the last few months, several petitions have been presented to the provincial legislature regarding the home inspection industry urging speedy passage of this Bill. Your OAHI leadership is sending electronic press kits  (EPKs) to MPPs to who have presented petitions to remind them about Bill Pr158, and that OAHI members are educated and regulated. Hansard transcripts are available.

 For example, on April 3 Lou Rinaldi presented the following petition:

“Whereas home inspections are an integral part of the real estate transaction; and

“Whereas there are no current rules and education system to qualify who is and who is not a home inspector; and

“Whereas the public interest is best served by protecting consumers against receiving a bad home inspection;

“We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

“Ensure the speedy passage of Bill 59, Putting Consumers First Act, 2016, and mandate the government of Ontario to bring in a strong qualifications regime for home inspectors.”

I will send it to the table with Keira.”

Other MPPs who have presented petitions about the home inspection industry are Granville Anderson, Sophie Kiwala, Hon. James Bradley, Ann Hoggarth, Peter Milczyn, Christina Martins, Daiene Vernile, and Joe Dickson.

The orders of the day (agenda) for the following day are posted every evening. Transcripts are posted later in the evening or by the next morning.

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Reminder, OAHI President Murray Parish, RHI, speaks for OAHI on licensing and Bill 59: