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Welcome, Real Estate Industry Professionals

OREA's Tim Hudak with OAHI's Murray Parish and Siloni Waraich of Tarion

Whether you are an agent or a broker, lender, appraiser, builder or real estate attorney, your customers often look to you for recommendations on who they should hire to conduct the home inspection.

Rely on the OAHI as your qualified resource for professional home inspectors as well as for information on all the elements of a professional home inspection. You can trust that an OAHI inspector will deliver exceptional service and expert technical knowledge, enabling your customers to make informed decisions about the sale or purchase of a home, thus helping you in your role as a trusted resource.

After all, it’s your reputation that’s on the line.

Use our "Find A Home Inspector" tool to quickly and easily locate the OAHI inspectors in your area.

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We have brochures: "Who Inspects the Inspectors" and "Home Inspection: Are You Ready?"  Please contact us to order some for your office.