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Mr. Choun E - RHI (Registered Home Inspector)

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We offer an industry leading Infrared Home Inspection service using advanced Thermal Imaging Technology.

Ottawa Inspections puts advanced infrared home inspection technology in the hands of highly trained, skilled and qualified home inspectors. Buying a home is an extraordinary investment. Ottawa Inspections goes far beyond the basic, utilizing cutting-edge technology that enable our home inspectors to, in effect, (not literally), "SEE" through the walls, ceilings and floors of the property. In addition, we offer Air Leakage Testing to located heating and cooling loses in the home.

The result is a better, more accurate, more detailed home inspection that uncovers problems which would go undetected in a traditional inspection, including: faulty wiring that could lead to a house fire; hidden leaks and water damage; air leakage, and more. We stay up to date with the newest tools and techniques in the business and seek the most reliable methods of inspection to ensure the quality of our services.

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